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 a bit of history

The journey to happiness begins from within! It wasn’t until I accepted that I wouldn’t find it in a new house or with a different job that I learned how true this statement is. I began to recognize that the only way I could truly be happy was through some deep soul searching, reflection on my life, and courage to make different choices. This is when I realized I have the power inside me to change and that I am the only thing I need to make me happy.

You would think as a well educated adult that this would be easy, but it isn’t! From as far back as I can remember, nothing has really been easy for me and I can now say that I am grateful for all that I have experienced in my life. Somehow I found the strength to survive, wisdom to keep searching for the real me, and ability to forgive myself for not being perfect. After all, this is what I had to go through to get me to this point and the person I am meant to be.

I chose the “Magnolia” as inspiration because when you research the meaning, results include phrases such as splendid beauty and magnificence and encompasses gentleness. Other terms associated with the Magnolia include endurance, eternity, and long life. The significance of this beautiful flower gives me the motivation to keep moving forward and the perseverance to live a life with true purpose.

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